Block 1 Writers

Block one writers, feel free to add your writing as a comment to this page.  You may want to create your piece on Microsoft Word, and then cut and paste it to the comments box.  This way you can proof and spell-check your work before submitting it.  Lets help each other by adding stars and wishes.


  1. KMM:)))
    Block 1
    Hard to know hat your being watched 24/7. You know that you have to be one the run all day all night . You have to be ready for anything that comes your way. My, name is Kammy (kam) and this is my life. My parents are are involed with the CIA, and they went off on a mission and never came back. I never herd from them since but when you know your alone with no parents and no guardians, you become more elert. So i trained my self to be always on my guard.
    Since i dont have parents I dont really have a home. When I have to crash somewhere I usually sneak into hotel rooms, or sleep on a bench. Well, on the food side I dont do very well eather I dont eat half of the time but so I dont starve I usually bumb somthing from walmart or hotel brekfasts.
    This is my peice on a girl named Kammys life I am not totaly done with it but i would like to get your opinions on my peice.

  2. Kathy was exited. Her heart was beating faster then the secounds on the clock. She couldnt stop fidigting. And fanily the auditorum doors slam shut the lights turn off and the spot lighs slowy turn on. Kathy had the lead role and when she got on stage she took a glance at the crowed with her big blue eyes. she didnt know what to do she forgot all of her lines. She looked at the director and he was staring at her. his body lauange was telling her not to mess up. She mouthed the words "sorry" and bolts off the stage. Fading behind her she could hear the crowed wispering.

  3. Wow...KMM and are both improving so much as writers! I hope you both continue to read widely - that's how we learn what writers do and how they weave the 6 traits into their work. You are both developing strong ideas and your voice and word choice are great. Where do you think you'll go with these? KAB, will start a new piece now? KMM, you have me on the edge of my seat...I want to know what happens to Kam!

  4. SMO #16 b1
    This part of my piece and I would like some stars or wishes.
    With the first few minutes of the last quarter start. Emotions rise up and so do the yelling, screaming, shouting parents. Hannah from the opposing team is trying to sprint to stop me froma wide open layup. She does. Boom!!!!! I land head first on the bloody and sweaty perfectly fine, justa little scratch. Hannah isnt, balling her eyes out, screaming because you can only get five fouls. She knew she fouled out. All the sweaty monarchs do is screen the opposing team because they know what plays that we have done already. Grace and I get the ball up the strong press against us. I call “Alaska” and the girls screen and screen and screen. Finally after dribbling for a while Anna shoots out and she is open. I flick the ball to her chest and she squares up to the basket and the ball slowly flicks off her fingers through the air. Eyes watching the ball slowly swoosh through the net. Monarch parents clap and cheer as it went through. Not only were the parents excited so was the coach. Jumping up and down ten times, screaming of joy. Making everyone stare at him.
    20-18 Monarchs
    Darby responds back by taking the ball up the court and gets it to the big girl (post) and the sweaty refs call a foul. Are post name Megan is crying so hard because she got a foul and are coach said don’t foul! Also it means they could tie the game up. By a blink the game is tied back up to 20-20. With one minute left. We win or we lose!! I get the ball up the court. Thirty seconds left. Time almost expiring!!! I sprint to the bucket. Whistle blows foul!! I sigh, three seconds left! Tme stopped. Its all up to me either I don’t score at all or I score 1 or 2. I shake dribbling the ball getting ready for the most important shot of the game. Eyes watching me every move I make. I start my motion for my free throw. I flick it out of my hands nervously. I stare at the ball hoping it would go in and it did. I score!!!! Everybody is jumping, clapping, screaming. But its not over yet. I swoosh the next one easily. All the emotions get bigger and bigger. Three seconds left
    “NO FOULS!!!” yelled Chip.
    Darby dribbles fast as they can. At half court with one second left they fling the ball up and AIRBALL!!!!!!
    WE WIN!!! WE WIN!!!!
    WE are so jubilant and excited that we beat are rival. Monarch players are crying of joy and so are the parents. We regroup to shake hands with the other team. Then we go back and scream for joy!
    I can always remember that even if you’re an underdog in the game or you don’t believe that you can win. There is always a chance in every basketball game you play.

  5. KNB
    I have the best vacation with my family we have seen almost all my family menbers its been kwl to see people that I don't see all the time and then later this week I am going go WV to see some of my friends and more family.happy. hollidays and I cant wate to come back to school see every body!!!!!!

  6. KMM:):):)
    Block 1
    This is my poem that I am working on. Please read it and give me your feedback!
    My Life,
    My backpack, a boulder lying on my shoulder
    As I walk
    To my life ahead of me.
    Memories left behind
    Crazy how life can just pass you by

    My hart pounds, races, and runs!
    No one can stop me now,
    My pride has taken over!
    I am ready to fly…
    It’s my time to shine

    Phone, buzzing in my left back pocket,
    But no, not now

    Time for a new beginning,
    A new start…
    A new tomarrow!

    I hope you liked it please give me your feed back:)