RC's Page

Hello RC!!!  We miss you a lot and hope blogging might be a way to stay connected to you!  Let us know what you are up to, what you're reading and thinking... and we'll write back!  We will also let you know what we are doing in the classroom.

Talk to you soon!
Mrs. Heim's LA Classses


  1. Hey RC we all really miss you!I hope you are getting better,and i hope you are getting better fast.In class we have been working on personal narratives and we are sharing them today!We have been working on showing and not telling.What have you been reading and writing? Love and miss you!

  2. Hey RC we all hope youre feeling better! youre really strong putting up with what you are going through.

    vav block 1

  3. smo B1 #16
    Hey RC i hope you are feeling better. I miss not seeing you smile! We are doing are personal narratvies. Hope you doing well and cant wait to see you again. Just wondering what are you doing with school stuff.

  4. Hi RC, we all miss you and hope you are feeling better. I don't know you but I have heard lots about you. I hope you can come back to school soon so I can meet you. Have a happy holiday.

  5. KNB
    HEY RC how u feeling I hope that your feeeling better cause we all really miss you so much we have dun a lot of things in Mrs.hiems class were working are personal naritives thay are turning out really good and we all have shared the things that were having trouble with we also are helping other people in are class that need help with word choice.we I got to go cant wate to see u again and we all miss you a lot.Have a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!:)

  6. Hi RC i just wanted to say i have you in my prayers and i hope you are getting better each and every day.

  7. pcf
    Hello "RC" i hope you at least feeling a little better. Also i can not wait to see you again.