Block 3 Writers

Block Three writers, feel free to add your writing as a comment to this page. You may want to create your piece on Microsoft Word, and then cut and paste it to the comments box. This way you can proof and spell-check your work before submitting it. Lets help each other by adding stars and wishes.


  1. The New Kid
    Hi, I’m Jake and I go to Creekview Intermediate School in Marysville,OH. One day when I was going to homeroom and I saw a new kid that was getting a tour of the school. He was this big and scary monster that was seven and a half feet tall! I was shaking and crying a little bit on the inside even though it was Friday and the weekend is coming up to relax, DO YOU THINK I CAN RELAX WITH A HUMONGOUS MOSTER THAT IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!? Huh, huh!? Well I can’t!
    It is the end of the day right now and I am walking to the bus. While this is going on, I am thinking as hard as I can trying to think about what this new kid’s family looks like. After I got home I went on the internet and search monsters in the Marysville area, guess what I found; a picture of my best friend Tristan S.!
    The weekend went by and it is Monday and I see the monster in my homeroom! I was about to scream out loud NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! But I couldn’t because I would probably get an academy. The only thing that would make my day any worse is if he sat next to me, so guess what my teacher does, she puts him right next to me! I thought to myself “This is going to be a long year”.

    Already 2 blocks went by and I am going to recess to meet my friends. But on the way I accidently run into the new kid and he shoves me down the hardest he could. And I go all ballistic on him and assertively say to him “HEY DID YOU JUST PUSH ME!?” And he says “You know it!” After he said that I ran and attempted to shove him down myself, so I charge him and he sticks his hand out and repulses me, it made me feel so weak. I felt embarrassed. I squirmed and pushed harder and harder but he was just too strong. After a few minutes I just stopped and got down on the ground to get my second wind. Then I just gave up and said to him: “I’ll deal with you tomorrow!”
    Well, it’s now time to head back to class and I asked 2 of my friends that are in Mrs.Heim’s 1st and 2nd blocks what they thought of the new kid and they said “What new kid?” I had to get my heart beat back below 300 before I freaked out and then I thought to myself “Maybe he’s in Mrs.Casto’s class.” But when I walked in he was there sitting at the desk right besides mine! I felt like running down to the office and having my name cut right out of the list of the kids that go to my school, but I didn’t because I would have gotten in major trouble with the principal and my parents. I slid down in my chair very slowly and moved my chair over by the window just in case he did something to me I could alert the authorities. As always Mrs.Heim told me to get back to my seat and sit up straight, so I did, but I’m still gonna keep my distance from him. He asked me what my name was and I said “Jake”, and he said “Cool name mine is Albert.” I asked him where he was from and he said Cleveland, OH. When he said that I said to Albert “Awesome, I love Cleveland!” He asked me if we wanted to be friends and I said yes, so to this day we are still friends at Marysville High School in the 11th grade.

    JMD Block #3

  2. great peice! awesome story!

  3. Good job JMD
    B3 DS #20

  4. I.R.W.
    One dark Halloween night, one that fills your heart with fright, I opened the door to my basement to see what all the noise was.
    I flipped the light switch to turn the lights on. They would not turn on. I was scared to death.
    As I walked down farther, the noise got louder, and it got darker. As I reached the bottom, I bumped into something. At first, I thought it was my dad. I was relieved until I felt something sticky. I turned and almost ran up the stairs it would follow me. I walked up the stairs as slow as I could. Somehow it heard me and followed me up the stairs. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I ran into my room and hid under the bed.
    My heart was pounding in my ears. I was sure the monster could hear it. As my heart beat slowed, I felt something sticky around my waist. That’s when I screamed. I screamed so loud that the monster exploded. From that day on, I never went in the basement (even when I was told to).

  5. B.A.K.
    Ouch! That Hurt!!
    It was a sunny , warm and a very boring morning when my friend and I decided to walk to my friend Tiffanys house. It took about 15 minutes untill Erica and I had reached her house. Erica and I couldnt decide who should open the door without knocking too suprise her. (Because we knew she would be in her living room) But the bad thing was we knew Tiffanys dog was visious and didnt like anybody but his owner. But I took a risk , and whipped open the light and white door. BAM!!!! I was on the floor and all i can see was a HUGE! white dog on top of me . Before I even even look down i feel cold , dark liquid running down my stomac. Then ... i faded off. Once i woke up , I was outside . I look down at my holey shirt , and see bright red blood slowly moving down reaching my jeans. I wipe my cold wet tears that feel colder than the blood on my stomac away , while squeling for Erica too help me. But before I say another word .. I catch myself Laughing. I stop , take a deep breath and thought I should of known not too be so stupid to walk into my bestfriends house , when i know her dog is way BIGGER than me , and could bite my head off.
    Can you tell me our opinions on this writing? I want too know what i should work on or fix? Or what really stopped you and made you think ?
    Thanks:)B.A.K B-3

  6. JMD , Great peice! I love the descrition in it . Like when he pushed you down. You also used ALOT of great words . Instead of saying i said madly you said "Assertivily! I dont think i have any wishes for you. Good job

  7. I.R.W
    This is the begining of my piece. PLEASE give comments.
    It was a sunny afternoon, and I felt like going for a ride on my scooter. I picked it up, got on, and rode away.
    “Be careful.” My Aunt Kathrine calls after me I put a thumb up to show her I heard her.
    My cousins were on scooters too. We were racing and playing. We were having so much fun riding up and down the sidewalk.
    “Let’s go as fast as we can over the bump,” called my cousin Kory. There was a bump in the sidewalk where the roots of a tree were hiding.
    “Okay.” I replied excited to have a challenge to face. “Tony do you want to try?”I asked my younger cousin.
    “Sure.” He grinned. “Let’s get started.”