Block 2 Writers

Block two writers, feel free to add your writing as a comment to this page. You may want to create your piece on Microsoft Word, and then cut and paste it to the comments box. This way you can proof and spell-check your work before submitting it. Lets help each other by adding stars and wishes.


  1. Alexa Rodger’s Biagraphy

    Alexa Rodgers is a character in my books and movies. She isn’t an average teenage high schooler.She may seem real kind, but she has a dark side. She isn’t mortal…She’s more like semidevine. When she was younger her dad beat her. The reason he did this was because Lucifer (Devil) saw how strong he was. Lucifer wanted Alexa’s dad to be one of his workerd. He threatened to kill Mr. Rodgers and his family if he didn’t let Lucifer kill him. So, Mr. Rodgers killed himselfand was taken over by Lucifer. Ever since her dad became a demon she’s had a lot of stress put on her. He mother left and her brother ran away. She felt she didn’t want to deal with the pain anymore so she killed her self by drowning herself in a lake…of blood. Alexa did not become a true angel. She commited suicide so she became part demon. Well her dad also had a dark secret. She never knew he was a demon. She falls in love with a mortal blessed with special powers. His name is Blaze Darkheart. In my story she fights her father. Will this be the last of her heavenly gift?

    CPH Block 1

  2. This is my character analysis of Sam from My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.

    Sam a character from My Side of the Mountain. By Jean Craighead George is very brave. I think Sam is brave because even though he knew he would receive a painful pinch from the Crayfish, he reached in and grabbed them anyway. This was brave because he would rather be hurt and eat, than go hungry. Another example of him being brave is he lives in the woods by himself. Even though he knew the danger of bears and wolves, this was brave because he wanted to prove he wasn't just a little kid anymore that he could take good care of himself. Sam is also very brave because he started a fire in a tree for his home. This was brave because he knew he could get burned, and things could get out of hand, but he cared more about shelter than pain. That is why I think the character Sam from My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, was very brave.

  3. SJA, That was a good desription. I actually might want to read that book. But who is the Crayfish? <.< I was just wondering :)


  4. Last weekend I had a meet! I had to go to this meet so I could qualify for level 6,so I could move on to the next level. In order to qualify I had to get an all-around score of 30. On each event the best score that you can get is a 10.0,but that is pretty much impossible. Getting above an 8 or in between an 8 or 9 is really good. Getting above a 9 is really really good. So since I had to get a total of 30 and there are 4 events I need to get at least an 8 or a 7.5 on each event. So that was my goal.
    Ok, so when I got to the meet I was kind of nervous, but definitely not as nervous as my teammates ! They were shaking, their faces were turning reddish pink, oh and they were very jumpy! We started on beam first which is our teams best event. I kind of get nervous on beam because I have to do a back-walkover. That is what makes me nervous because I don’t always make those at practice. I also do a full turn on beam that I normally make in practice but some days I just can’t make them. Luckly , that was not one of those days. I was pretty pumped to do my routine and get and get judged. I am excited because when I was warming up I made all of my back-walkovers and all of my full turns. Ok, so my friend Anya is up and I am doing my routine on the ground to get ready. I am cheering and everybody is yelling ”Go Anya” … She does her handstand and she falls.:( Whenever someone falls your teammates and yourself get very nervous and concentrate to much and then they end up falling themselves. So I was so scared and nervous. My heart was thumping, my face was turning red, and I was shaking like an alarm clock. So Anya has finished her routine now and I am freaking out because I am next. I slowly walk up to the beam very nervous inside but on the outside I look confident and ready to go. The judges look at me and I smile and then they smile back! She raises one hand and I take a deep breath. I think to myself I can do this. Next, I salute back!
    I am not done with this story but I plan to finish it. Tell me what you think.

  5. This is a When I Was Little, I did this as extra because writing is fun! Its not done yet, I dont know if I should finish it, sorry it dosent have a title!!!

    ( TITLE )

    When I was little, I nearly destroyed the earth.It's a long story, but we have plenty of space.
    It all happened when i got my first pet, a llama. I was only 3 when I got Bob Dazzle. People told me i could never teach a platypus to drive!!! Well I actually can't, platypuses are to exspensive. But llamas are another thing!! I got to work imediatly. 2 minutes later I found out that Bob Dazzle was a girl when he started haveing babys. Bob Dazzle's babys weren't born they just appeared next to her. Being a scientist i concluded she was magical. I counted the babys, there were 29. 30 llamas in all. By now Bob Dazzle knew how to drive,and I thought "I'll teach them ALL to drive!!!"

    That is all I have as of now. If I write anymore I will post it here!!!

  6. KMM:)))
    BLOCK 1
    I know I am not in the same block as you but your paragraph was amazing. It had very nice discription and the words flowed perfectly together. You did a wonderful job!!!!

  7. Hey DMG what topic are you talking about? You really should explain


  8. Thank you CPH. And the crayfish are some water animals that Sam found to eat.

  9. Lucy’s Recital
    Lucy’s big day was today! On the car ride there she was going through her dance routine in her head. All of a sudden her mom turned the music up REALLY LOUD. Lucy’s head was bobbing and her fist was pumping. Her mom parker the car and then turned it off. Lucy sprinted inside her dance studio. Her teacher and the other dances were standing in the entrance waiting for her.
    “Get in your positions and we will raise the curtain.”
    Lucy got into position. Sweat dripped from her face. Then suddenly she forgot all of her dance moves. Her beautiful sparkly, blue eyes bulged, then water dripped out of them.
    The curtain rose. She tightened up after she saw the hundereda of people in the crowd. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Her face turned red and she ran off the stage.

  10. This is a small story I made when I got bored. So here it is. :)


    Today can't get any worse! My boyfriend Kulu-Lu died in war. He left about a month ago. One of his friends called and said his last words were, " Tell Sola I love her. " When I heard that my eyes started swelling up. I could barely see anything through my tears. I clutched my fists as tight as I could and punched the wall. My heart was pumping...HARD. I couldn't take it! I felt like running away. My legs were shaking like an avalanche. But it's over and I can't take it back. That hole I left in the wall reminds me of his death. The death I'll NEVER forget.


  11. Paper
    Hi, my name is paper.
    I live int eh third section of Julia’s binder.
    My favorite color is blue
    With a tint of purple.
    My job is to copy Julia’s feelings
    Whether they are joyful or down in the dumps feelings.
    My family is in the second and fourth section of her binder.
    And my friends are number 2 pencils.
    I go on vacation to Emma’s folder.
    My favorite holiday is valentines day when people write notes on me!

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  13. Popular Or Not
    ( Just gonna write a paragraph but I have wrote more(: )

    " Skyler are you even listening? ", Says Mrs.Moil. I seemed to have dazed of a bit. I was also way to lazy
    to speak, so I just nodded. I guess she didn't believe me. It's 6 o'clock and I'm still here in this prison. That's right. I got detention. Worst thing is, is that I'm sitting next to the most popular,mean, richest girl in this school. Her name is Ashley. I call her the Queen Of Plastics.


  14. 4 foot 10 inches.
    Chocolate chip
    Pancakes &
    Cookies are my favorite.
    I just might turn into
    A Mermaid
    3 is the magic number for the amount of my
    3 horses
    3 cats
    3 dogs.
    Zebra print here
    Zebra print there
    Zebra print everywhere.
    Gymnastics is my life
    16 hours a week.
    Black &
    Me, Myself, and I

    I found a friend,
    Who knew everything i felt.
    She knew my every weakness,
    And the problems that ive dealt.
    She understood my wonder,
    And listened to my dreams.
    she listened to how i fealt about life and love.
    And knew what it all means.
    Not once did she interrupt me,
    Or tell me i was wrong.
    She understood what i was going through,
    And promised she`d stay long.
    I reached out to this friend,
    To show her that i care.
    To pull her close and let her know,
    How much i need her there.