Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wrting Invitation

We talked about "showing" our reader instead of simply "telling" our reader about characters, settings, and events.  Here are two prompts you are invited to respond to as you practice descriptive writing.

Remember to use powerful verbs, specific nouns, similies, "just right" adjectives, and most of all be creative, unique, and have fun!

1.  The kids were disrespectful to the teacher...

2.  The iguana got away...


  1. The iguana bursted through the rusted metal steel cage. The owner tripped as he made a fail attempt to grab the iguana. The iguana crawled in a hurry across the floor in hopes of freedom. When the iguana got to the window he looked at the prison that he was held in and leaped out the window.

  2. pcf
    Little old jenkins was sprawled out across the sand of his dessert with his overalls on.When suddenly somthin green and scaly leaped across his leg. Jenkins jumped up and caught it.
    "hey little buddy"said jenkins "im gonna name you greeny cause your green"
    but all the the iguana did was squirm and try to jump away. but old jenkins didnt let that happen. after 2 hours trying to get away the iguana finally did! :)

  3. Smo b1 #16
    The red and blue naughty iguana squezzed through the giantic eight foot barb wire cage. Mr.Iguana didnn't know where to go so he raced away from the cowboy hat tall dude. He grips my pointy long part of my blue tail.I squeal with a high pitch voice waking every ounce of the people up.
    I would like edvice from you guys because I'm struggling on show,don't tell. Or if there is anything else in general.

  4. Fleeing from the iguana in mortal terror,the class of 182 darted around the room while the teacher was brave and caught the iguana in a net.then the iguana bursts out of the net and with it's slippery skin helping him scutter across the room and into the hallway. So then the iguana busts through the exit and into the nearby forest.

  5. The kids were disrespectful to there teacher , By screaming I DONT GET THIS!! I HAVE TO GO POTTY!! I WANT MORE COOKIES!! So the teacher Mrs.PickleWickleNickle had enough of it! So she decided too burst through the door , stomp down the hallway , rip down the kids artwork , and the worse thing of all , she told Mr.Gallaway ( the princapal) She QUIT! The best teacher , the awesome coach , and the smartest tutor had QUIT! My life is over! :(
    The end!! :)
    BAK B-3

  6. #1.) The iguana got away.

    #2.) The dazling sparkles made by the lime green iguana dissapeared as it raced into the Black Forest. We knew in our hearts that he would die there, but we knew that it was his home and that made us happy. Even 5 year old little Jimmy started to cry even though it had bit his ear really hard.

  7. KNB

    JLE I really liked your story it was really good!