Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last Book in the Universe

We have been reading The Last Book in the Universe by Redman Philbrick.  We've followed Spaz, Ryter, Little Face, and Lanaya on a journey to Eden to save Bean.  We've met latchbosses, proove's, normals, and wildly different "protectors" throughout the book.  Take a perspective of one of the main characters and write from that perspective.  You can respond in poetry, journal entry, dialogue, or recreate a scene...see what you come up with!


  1. As I step outside all I see is rubble,darkness,poverty,and destuction.

    Each having brought a curse,disease,or insanity with them.

    Hopefully the proovs will decide one day to let us normals roam free in their land.


  2. Im going to write about little face and his perspective on Eden.

    If I was little face seeing the trees and the grass and all these other things for the first time in my life I would be thinking the world is beggining to change into a better world where everyone is treated equally. Also I would be thinking that for the first time ever I could be part of a family.

    BCS B1.

  3. This book is probably the best read aloud book that has ever been reads to me before!

  4. I agree this is probably the best read aloud book i have heard to. But it might be the last since were moveing on to 7th grade