Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heartland Camp

We spent 2 1/2 days at Heartland Camp this past week.  You participated in archery, team building activities, nature walks, learned about reptiles and amphibians, experienced pioneer life, went to a bonfire and a night hike, sang songs, square danced, ate great food, and participated in several other activities.  What did you learn?  What did you enjoy?  What would you recommend for next year's sixth graders?  Let us know what you're thinking! 


  1. DMG
    Block 2
    I learned many things during this trip and I had so much when there!!!!!! Just a heads up for next years sixth graders is mainly to have fun and just relax. Oh and by the way the food is awesome:).

  2. I really enjoyed camp!! It was so much fun! I loved the food. And I really liked doing archery, path finders, freetime, square dancing,the song, pretty much everything we did. I also really liked who was in my cabin. What I would recommend for next years sixth graders is be pepared for the weather. You will have very busy days. And you are not really getting away from school its just fun school! And most of all be prepared for some... FUN!!!
    BLOCK 3

  3. KNB

    I really enjoyed camp it was awesome!! The food was great!I really liked archery it was cool! So next years sixth graders be sure to wach the wether so it if rains.The camp was awesome though all it is is fun school in the woods!!

  4. MEM

    I think Heartland really cared about all the kids even though they get a new set of kids each week or in our case every three days so during the summer im going to Heartland.

  5. i learned a lot during our trip to heartland i learned a lot like how to shoot a bow and arrow and i also learned that teamwork you learn to cooperate with others

  6. I loved camp so much and it was so fun for me i had the best people in my cabin and all of them where so nice! the cabins are so nice and clean.
    Me and my cabin roomates where the phesents and going into it i had no clue what a phesent was and quite frankliey i thought it was some kind of slave. But my favorite part of camp was living history because we got to do so much like making candles,braclets,we made bread over the campfire and it was soooo good we had 3 types normal,onion and apple.We also got to do trade with other people. I recomend for the incomming 6th graders to pack for the wether.
    block 1

  7. SMO
    I thought the heartland camp was so fun I was so heistated if I should go or not because I didnt know if it would be fun. But I was glad I went because it was so fun the archery was so cool how to learn about shooting a bow and arrow. It was funny when Mrs.Heim shot the bow and arrow and it flew into the woods and it was so funny we were all laughing. The reptiles were so cool I love touching the animals expect the snake it freaked me out. But I still touched it. The nike hike was awesome I like Brad he was cool and nice the mint and candle and paper things were cool. Everything was so cool I wish I could go again and the food was so so GOOD!!! I want to go again but probably want so I will always remberer that Camp and EVERYTHING THERE!!!!!!

  8. Jcp #17 B-1
    I thought HEARTLAND camp was really fun. The square dancing was one of my personal favorites,but I was thinking it was going to be really boring but it's something you don't worry about. I also loved the pioneer reenactment because we made bread, made o to camp candels, and threw tomahawks. I recomend having an open mind when you go to camp because if your focused on one thing you won't have any fun at all. The info I give the 6th graders next year would deffininatly be too just have fun and keep an open mind. When your hot and tired just go with it.

  9. my dad always flaunts about how his tractor is so big and his truck is so shiney and red. it gets sooo annoying. i mean if you knew someone who flaunts about that then you should know what i mean! cheesy cheetos do i hate it!

  10. amh #10
    I learned that we needed 8 cups of water a day.I enjoyed many things like the nature walks the living history and also square dancing.I would reccomend them to do everthing and have the time of there lives.Thats is was i think.

  11. I loved camp it was so fun!My favorite classes were archery and reptiles/amphibians.I also loved the food there,but every time i went ot get seconds Rob would call 5 min. warning!And i could've had better cabin mates they were quite loyud and they never slept!!!!


  12. TNE

    Camp was so fun! You get to hold snakes, lizards, frogs, and turtles! The girls should watch out, beacause I found 3 wild snakes slithering around. 2 were alive but the other was dead. Camp was fun and funny with the songs. That was the best experience in my hole life. When I went it was good weather and if your planning to go then it will be fun if it is good weather.

  13. Jcd
    block 2
    I learned that working together makes alot of things go faster and it makes it more fun. I had so much fun when I was at Heartland camp. Last year the six graders on my bus told me it wasnt that fun. But, it really was. I loved being able to be outside and have fun with my friends. I really enjoyed the campfire. It was fun to learn all of those songs that the staff taught us. Also I enjoyed the food that they had there. I think i gained about ten pounds when i was there. I was glad that they had food for kids that had allergies like me. Or kids that didn't like the food that they were serving. I hope that next years six graders have as much fun as I did at camp. But what they need to know is if you are a girl and you are comming back from night activities, RUN! If u don't, you will be the last to get in the shower or you will have to wait an hour like my friends and I.

  14. NRS

    My thoughts about camp are:My favorite activity,and the food!Don't get me started on it!It was SO GOOD! My favorite meal was probably the corn dogs.The night hikes were so cool! It was the first time that I learned the word tribluminesent!

  15. pcf
    Camp was a really fun activity!I really enjoyed the the food and the team challenge. I think it was a really great experience because i am sure half of f us our big coach potatoes. With future 6th graders i think you will have a blast well i hope you do anyway!