Monday, October 31, 2011

Vocabulary - Week of October 31

Vocabulary words for the week of October 31st:  Try using these words in well-written sentences.
Don't forget to proof your work before sending...have fun and be creative!

avert: verb turn away from
2. to prevent

majority: noun
1. more than half or most of something

fastidious: adjective
1. not easy to please

lunge: verb
1. to move forward suddenly


  1. KNB
    My cat Miss.kitty lunged at the mouse in the field.

  2. KNB
    My grandmal was fastidious when she got really sick.

  3. KNB...

    Nice sentences, however make sure you proof your work before sending it to the blog. In your first sentence, you need to capitalize Kitty because you are using it as a name. In you second sentence, did you meen grandma? I don't think you meant to put the "l: at the end of the word. Also, you need to use fastidious as an adjective. Ecampls: The fastidious eater wouldn't touch the peanut butter cookies.

  4. KNB said...
    Ok I will do that next time:)See u when I come back to school.

  5. KNB,

    I'm looking forward to seeing you back in class! I hope you're feeling better.

  6. On christmas eve we were driving home from my grandma's house and a deer jumped right in front of the car so we had to avert the deer and swearve off of the road.


  7. NRS

    Mrs.H said "And that is my story about the time that I ate my cousin's goldfish!",and the majority of her 2 block class burst into laughter.

  8. My dogs lunged at my cat and spilled my drink


  9. Harolds heart was beating really fast. He knew he was being chased. He kept running and running until he came to a busy road with tons of cars and trucks zooming by. His school was on the other side and he was sure it would be safe there, so he ran to cross the steet but failed to avert a collision with an oncoming car. He didn't think he could manage to get up. He was barely able to, but he found the strength to pull himself up of the ground. He felt terrible, but his mission wasn't over.Harold sprinted towards the school and by the time he got there he was exausted. He opened the front doors of the school and couldn't believe his eyes! The majority of the class had turned into brain eating zombies. The last thing he could remember, a small one lunged at his head!!!