Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Writing Challenge:

You are a pop can.  You have been popped, drained, smashed, bashed, and trashed.   Tell your story to the local newspaper.  Use vivid verbs to tell the tail of your miserable life.  Have fun, be creative, and for goodness sake, proof your writing for mistakes before sending!  I can't wait to hear your tales and enjoy your verbs!
Adapted from Hot Fudge Monday


  1. Thank goodness for the traveling doctor, or I'd be crushed and hurt more than normal at least. Dr.crestle saved my life so I shout out to that old savior!EM B3 #15

  2. KNB
    One sunny day,in late june I was droped in the streat.While the cars were zoming by with the gas coming out of the pipes.When I started coughing black smoke from my lungs to my mouth it was a horrble taste.It tasted like burnt muffins that were cooked to long.It smelled like a fire coming out of my body.How would I really know what all that means i'm a mountin dew i'm as green as grass with silver on my bottom.I lived in a store an I had many friends Dr.Peper,Sprite,Pepsi,and Monster.We were all great friends we were like bff's.Till one day a woman walked in she had pretty long strawberry blonde hair with sparkling baby blue eyes.She said to her self in a wisper I am getting a pop,were all scared to see who was going to disper forever an guess who dispered forever it was me!I was so scared I didn't know were I was going to end up at,so I said goodbye and packed my stuff.We were all upset it was hard for us to say goodbye.When the woman checked me out she cracted me open an she stared sucking me up all the jucie out of me it sorta tickled me,then when she was done she said "that was a tasty drink now i'm kinda hungry."So she when she got home she cooked her self a couple of pancakes she slaped butter and poured syrup on her food. As I looked around while siting on the counter I softly said to my self "this is a really big house like a mansion."Just then I felt somehting grab me it scared the living day lights out of me! I screamed and said"WHO IS TOUCHING ME?!!!!!"Then some one smashed me.After that they bashed me into a wall then landed into a trash can.Thats when I met Bob he was an old water bottle.Bob was smushed up like he had been ran over by a semi he looked horrbile.Then he said in a deep voice "were are you from?."I said in a squicky voice well from the gas station down town." He said "same here but I have been in this smelly place for three weeks I dont have any friends they all left and never seen again I wonder if that will happen to us?" "well maby" I replied with a smile.Two weeks went past and then on a friday morning they tied the bag we were in and they put us on the curb it wasn't very warm out then I heard a very loud sound like beep,beep,beep. I was thrown in there something that smelled like nasty food that has set out on the counter for at least four weeks.When we got to a place were it was burning HOT!! Then they dumped me out of the bag and I saw a big fire and I was now completely a piece of trash, I was melted all my pretty colors were fading away. "That is the end of my pop can tale.":)

  3. Wow KNB! With a little revision and editing, this could be a great piece to publish! I enjoyed reading your story. Your voice is fabulous and consistent throughout your piece. Your word choice is very strong and your ideas are unique and interesting. Thank you for sharing your writing!

    Mrs. H

  4. KMM:)))
    Block 1
    Achy,smashed,and cracked, laying on the side of the road with my life waisted.It is pitch black and bitter cold, I could almost feel the frost wrotting away my neon monster sign. The funny thing is that just about 5 hours before this , I was safe with my best friend Sammy Sprit and Bob Pepsi on in a gas station on 3rd St. safe and sound in a fridge on the left side of the store. When these two teenagers, they looked about 16, came in holering and laughing. One of the strange boys yelled out to the other
    "Hey! Get a drink its on me!"
    The other boy nodded with exitment eyeballing me and I knew I was a goner. The boy grabed me and I could feel his scabby hands rubbing on my beautiful can.They ran out of the store and walked toward what seemed to be a broken down old barn. When we got to the abandon barn the boy opened me, and drank me up,I felt wozy for a while but got over it until he was done with me and just disided to play soccer with me.Him and his buddy kicked,stomped, and steped on me. It seemed that everytime they kicked me it got hurt worse and worse. Then after what seemed to be 3 hours they got bored with me and through me out in the middle of a busy road and walked way. Achy,smashed, and cracked.

    And that is my pop can story.

  5. KMM:))))
    Block 1
    KNB your voice in your writing is amazing! And your discription on how you got hurt was wonderful.Your verbs were 5000 hourse power verbs just like we talked about in class. Goood job on taking what Mrs.H said to us and incorperating that into your writing.:)

  6. KNB:))))
    Thanks KMM!:)))))

  7. Block 1

    KNB I really like your peice you used alot of grabbing verbs and pulled the reader to want to know more i think you did an outstanding job i want to hear more of your writing and mabey if fix some spots it will be amazing

  8. Hi my name is Brian and this is my story:

    On December 29th 1995 I was born in a factory in Omaha,Nebraska. I was a Mellow Yellow in a 6-pack of cans me,Zach,Chuck,Leah,Ryan,and little Bobby.The factory was very big to me or maybe it was small but it looked bigger from below I thought that i had a pretty good life there.
    The next day was the day... that they decided to ship me off to a kroger in Marysville,Maryland.The journey was cold,hard, and rough.
    Then on January 1st 1996 we finnaly stopped.I thought that the truck had broke down but we had finally made it there.I thought it was fun there until I found out all of us were sold for $1.00.

    About 1 hour later we all were snapped open and then slurped us down until we were nothing but alluminum.But it got even worse we were recycled and thrown away and that was my happy and misserable life.


  9. One saturday morning I poped out of bed went down stairs to my kitchen opened the the fridge and got the milk out then I poped the cap open then got a drink then I walked out the house and ran to my freind house but I ran into some one I dont like his name is Rosstin Bender so i just walked away and he did to so then I walked up to my freinds door and he said come wright on in so I did and we had to eat lunch first so we at grilled cheese an d then we went in his basement and played madden 12.

  10. This is my story:

    I'm falling to my death. Wait a minute. You're more than like wondering what's going on. I'll catch you up.

    Hi I'm Joe. Also know as Coke. Yep, that's my brand name. Did I not tell you I was a soda can? Oh well I guess I need caught up too. So anyway...Here is my story...

    Dear Sodary,

    Today is so scary! This prison is freezing! I hate being cold. I've seen a ton of scary creatures walking around. One was picking their label. Not a pretty sight. Any way, Oh my goodness put me down!

    I'm back. Someone just sucked my guts out...O.O Well anyway, it's dark in here. I-I see something moving...What is that? Who is that? It's getting larger. No-no! It's yellow and is kinda tall. I think it's a mini creature they call a human. Oh my gosh. It's coming closer. It has glowing red eyes. I'mma dig a hole. Be right back.

    I'm back...Again. Well, I lost the beast. Yep. I'm awesome like that. Luckly this cave is easy to dig through. THE CAVE IS MOVING! AHHHH!!!!!

    Hi. I have a friend now. His name is Jack. He's a Pepsi...Oh no...He's an evil Pepsi. Mom told me to never talk to a Pepsi. Great...Hey Jack. What's up man? Uhm...No I'm not writing about you. Why would you think that? I need to go...AHHH A DROP OFF!

    Are you now caught up? You should be... Well bye my friends. Every can has an end. It sounded like that rhymed. But it didn't. Byeeeeee!!!!!

    That was the last they've seen of Joe. But you never know is Joe was recycled. That's a whole different story.

    Block 2

  11. The only way my life can get any worse is if I get drunk. I heard that the beer family does that alot.
    Hi there! My name is John Sprite and I live in the alley on Caffene Road, and I know what youre going to say. I wasnt always like this.
    I used to be a good can in a local supermarket down on Third. I was stolen you see, put in the pocket while the cashiers back was turned.
    Now, this was before all the fancy yip-yap metal detectors and crap.
    I was popped in the parking lot and then there was a sudden, loud, and refreshing sound... the cops. Well, its not as great as it seems. I guess he heard it as well as I did because as soon as I was aware of my surroundings, we were headed toward a black toyota truck.
    when he was finished with me, he was on Caffene Road. he squeezed me, crushed me, and trashed me. Now I live here on Caffene road, crushed and old.

    Posted by, JE Block 3

  12. Here I am. Sitting in a silver cup holder of a lime green Camero. The wind blowing through my pull tab as the car went speeding down the road.
    All of a sudden, BAM! I hit the side of the wet concrete curb. Beside me, I see a Pepsi can.
    I say in a quiet voice "Umm... Do you know where we are?"
    The Pepsi can answered in a very low voice, "We are on route 36"
    I admired his attractive detail, but his rusted edges made me think otherwise. I thought outloud, "We should get to know eachother, because I have a feeling we are going to be here for a while!"