Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafting Leads - Block 1

We learned about several ways authors craft inviting leads to narrative pieces and we have been trying different leads for our own pieces.  Feel free to share your leads on this post to get feedback from your classmates.  If your are writing at home, here are some of the strategies we discussed in class:

Begin by describing a setting or character (snapshot)
Begin by sharing thoughts or feelings (thoughtshot)
Start with sound effects (onomatopoeia)
Start with dialogue
Begin with a question 
Start by showing action

I'm looking forward to reading your leads!


  1. Smo

    Here is my lead. The game all on the line with 5 seconds left. We win or we lose? All the fighting through the whole game comes down to right here and right now. Mrs. Heim we don't have homework right?
    Have a great thanksgiving! See you on Monday

  2. on october 31,2010 my heart was heart was beating faster then the secounds on a clock.

  3. pcf
    There I was face planted right into the floor, body aching and shaking, but this is not the beginning this is.