Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slip or Trip?

Does the evidence support Queenie's story?
Here is our summary from class this week:

We arrived at the home around 1:30 A.M. We found Arthur laying dead at the bottom of the staircase.  His head was on the floor, and his feet were on the stairs.  He was face-up and holding a glass.  He was dressed in a suit with a robe over it.  The stove was on and food was cooking.  Nothing in the home seemed to be out of place.  Queenie, Arthur's wife filled us in on what she observed.

Queenie said she had an argument with Arthur earlier.  She then went to a party at the club.  She invited her friends over.  She arrived at the house at 1:00 A. M. and her friends arrived 10 minutes later.  She said Arthur was coming down the stairs to get a drink, fell down the stairs and died.

The autopsy indicated Arthur died from a head wound.  It also confirmed he had been drinking.

The evidence shows that Arthur had a glass in his hand, but as a rule, people who fall down the stairs carrying things typically drop them. So it is unlikely Arthur fell down the stairs with the glass in his hand.

Your job...add at least another piece of evidence (evidence, rule, and conclusion) and indicate why you think Queenie is or is not telling the truth...good luck!


  1. PCF
    I believe that the murder seen was a accident. When Arthur and Queeny got in their fight Queeny left to go to the country club/party. When Arthur was home alone he took his anger out on drinking. Arthur had an idea click he was gonna apologize. So he got in his tuxedo and his robe so he didn't get his tux dirty. Arthur went down stairs to make the dinner for the apology. When Arthur realized his glass was still upstairs from drinking he ran up to go get it. When he ran down stairs to check on the his fancy flat shoes made him trip and his feet slipped out underneath.He fell hit his head he got a concusion. Queeny found him dead at the bottom of the stairs.

  2. KNB
    Ok,I believe the Queeny did murder Arthur,I believe that because she said that the got in to a really big fight and so she went to the club with some of her friends when she left at 10:00pm.She came back at 1:00am.Then when she left to go back to her house she told some of her friends they could come over and have one last drink.Another thing is how did she know that he was dronk?She was at the club till 1 when she got home 10min befor her friends she could have triped him and he fell down the stairs.Also she could have started to cook some thing or her husban could of because people get hungery at night I mean I get hungery during the night that is why I think Queeny killed Author.