Monday, March 12, 2012

Would You Rather...

Would you a sports superstar for 3 seasons and never play again OR be a bench player with a 20 year career?

You will need to justify your opinion with supporting sentences!  I am looking for well formed statements of opinion and supporting sentences that further illustrate your opinion (reasons, details, facts, examples, etc.).


  1. I would rather play for 3 years because if I am coming to a game to not play there is no point in coming and by then I would be too old to play.

    1. Amh b-1
      I agree I woul get to ok to even play in any sports I would rather play for three reasons.

  2. I would rather be a superstar for 3 seasons because you'll get paid a lot of money for going out and doing good in your sport rather than just sitting on the bench. Do it for the money B)

  3. I rather be a superstar for three seasons because you will get payed more money and you will get to be super duper famous.