Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a Character!

We spent some time reading a book called Sootface  by Robert San Souci this week as we continued our unit on character development.   How would you describe Sooface at the beginning of the book and then at the end of the story? In what ways did the author help us understand the character of Sootface?  

Before you submit your comment, be sure to reread it to check for errors.  Use your initials, your block number, and your student number.  Feel free to respectfully respond to your classmates comments as well as state your own thinking.  I look forward to reading your posts...

Mrs. Heim


  1. SMO

    I thought Sootface was very different from begining to the end. Here are the reasons why.


    The begining Sootface was very hard-working because her sisters wouldn't do any work at all. She was also lonely becuase nobody would talk to her and if they do they just always say mean and rode things.


    She changed by being brave and trying hard. When she went to the warrior and got a husband. All although she got a husband the sisters were still mean and rode to her even more. They were jealous because she got the husband and they didnt. She is also brave becuase whatever her sisters say she doesnt care what they say it just goes in one ear and out the other ear. Till that one time she said 'that hurt my heart'. She really meant that but she a very brave girl.

    Good job Sootface
    I think the sisters need to be nicer to her. You want people to treat others the way they want to be treated.

  2. they under stooud sootface by the end of the story because she was the only one who was able to see the guy so her sisters where really jelouse. I think that deep down in side her sisters are happy for her. I felt bad for sootface because I think that her mom was making her clean the house. I think sootface didnt do any thing wrong because when she talks to her sisters she wasent mean to the like they where to here. I thought that sootface sisters where mean to here because when sootface braded her sisters hair and then they didnt even say thank you and then when sootface asked to braded her hair they said no.
    block 1

  3. PEB
    sootface was a awesome story about this very pretty girl that was abused bt her sister they threw ashes on her face,they made her do all the chores,they made them do there hair and clean them up.Sootface went to go see if she could see the invisable man and id Sootface could she would merry him she did so she married him with no help from her mean sisters.

  4. MRC B2 #4

    In the beginning of the book Sootface was sad because she had to do all the work for her sisters and they still did not treat her very good.

    In the end of the book Sootface was happy because she got to mary the warrior because she had a kind and honest heart and she was the only one who could see him other than the warriors sister.

  5. DMG

    Beginning- Sootface was very gullible at the beginning of the book. I know this because she easily fell for her sisters demands. She was also said and shy because the author said that her eyes were sad and tired and she didnt speak up for herself. She was so scared to argue with her sisters. But she was hopeful that she sang "Just because I am ugly hopefully someone will love me someday".

    End-At the end she was determined to see the warrior that was invisible and to tell the warriors sister what his bow and arror was made out of. She did end up seeing the warrior and they made her as beautiful as she can be!!!

  6. CPH

    Sootface was an amzazing book!I think Sootface doesn't like sharing her feelings. She seems like a shy person. She needs to learn to stick up for herself a tad bit more. Well here is what I think.

    At the beginning... Sootface was so scared to stick up for herself. She would always do as her sisters say. She is an obident girl/woman. She was actually kind of weak when she didn't stick up. I'm not that much of a mean person but she could have stuck up for herself. She was treated like a slave. She seemed to think that she couldn't do anything about it. She never really spoke to anyone it seemed. Her sisters seemed REALLY bossy. She should have just told them Um no I don't think so! But what happened in the end made me happy.

    In the middle a warrior asks his sister to go to town and tell everyone, If any woman were to see me and tell what my bow was made of then I shall marry her. Many girls tried and all failed. I wasn't surprised because you can kind of predict the end. Well Sootface's sisters went out to try. Sootface made them look real pretty which was nice to her, but when they failed....they treated her like it was her fault. I thought that was terrible of them.

    In the end Sootface asks her sisters and they both said no. She seemed shocked. Why was she? He has been treated like this FOREVER! Well Sootface walked out ignoring her sisters comands and the town making fun of her. Which was a good thing for her! Well,she went and saw him and married him and also became beautiful I loved the ending. Well, this made me feel happier about myself. Don't listen to others they will just bring you down.

  7. TNE
    Sootface is a magical story about an ugly girl who is bullied by her step sisters. In the story there is a invisible but hansome hunter but only his future bride can see him and sootface is the one. That is a good book that is like Cinderela but indian style. That's what I think of Sootface.

  8. JCD
    Block 2
    I loved the book sootface! It taught us all a good lesson! It taught us that everyone should treat people the way that they wanted to be treated.
    Sootface was gullible and vulnerable. She easily fell for her sisters demand. She was also very sad. The author told us her eyes were always sad. She was shy too. She never stood up for her self.
    At the end she was caring. She braided her sisters hair. And she was determined. She went to go see the waorrior. Also she was very resourseful. She made clothes out of nature. I think she changed alot from the begining of the story to the end.

  9. KAP

    The book "sootface" was about a young women, She was abused by her sisters. Sootface's Dad is a hunter hes always gone hunting for food. In the middle of the book her sisters make her do their hair to met a handsome man. Then Sootfacae wants to go meet the handsome man and she ask her sisters to do something for her and they say no. This book tought me to be nice to others and they will be nice to me.

  10. GRH
    At the beginning I think Sootface was scared and abused. She didn't have anyone to stand up for her which destroyed (how's THAT for 500 horsepower verbs?) her self confidense causing her to be quiet and scared. AS she progressed through the story I think watching the failure of her rotten sisters gave her the strength to stand up against them (and the whole town) to confront the invisible warrior and eventually marry him and living happily ever after!

  11. I think that was a great book.In the beginning she lacked confidence and wasn't brave enough to stick up for herself. In the middle she was starting to build confidence. In the end she had full confidence and was determined to get what she was after.

  12. JNH
    At the begining of the story Sootface was a very brave girl because of how she took the mean punishments from her sisters'.
    At the end of the story Sootface was very worthy of a husband because she was brave enough to betray what her sisters' said to go and see the Deer Hunters' Sister. In the end,she got a husband and got away from her mean sisters'.

  13. At the beginning of the book sootface was very shy and quiet and sad. All because of her mean sisters. what I dont understsnd is why would they treat her like that????? Sootface at the end of the book was brave and more talkative.
    I'm glad she found a husband! It was good because she found someone perfect for her and
    she could get away from those horrible sisters
    BLOCK 3

  14. MGH
    Beginning: Sootface was very quiet, and vulnerable... She was getting beaten by he sisters. I couldn't imagine living like that.. Being abused every day by your sisters! How cruel!

    Ending: She ended up having confidence in herself, and she believed that she would once find a husband, and she did! I remember a quote from the book saying "And she never looked back"... She never did look back at her sisters and the village. They were all laughing because they thought that Sootface had no chance! I'm glad that Sootface left, to go meet with the sister of the warrior.. She succeeded, and her wish came true! (:

  15. KCL

    I thouhgt that Sootface was a very special and diffrent! She is very brave and strong to just walk away and not care wahat other people care.


  16. JMD

    I think that the book Sootface taught us a very valuable lesson. I say this because at the beginning of the story she didn't have a lot of self-confidence when it came to her sisters. But at the end of the story she really had a lot of self-confidence by not listening to her sisters when they told her what to do. This is why I liked the book Sootface by Robert San Suci. ;)