Friday, February 3, 2012

List Poem

After reading Lonnie's list poem in Locomotion, what is your list poem?
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  1. List Poem B-3
    High heels
    Binderwith sketches
    Eyes changing color with mood
    Lipgloss waiting to be used
    Pencil working frantically
    Books hidden in bookbag
    Stickynotes everywhere
    Bracelets hitting table
    Nailpolish on dresser
    A nice top
    Earrings bouncing around

    1. IRW -

      You have some nice images here. "books hidden in bookbag" reminds me of you! I'm wondering if you will work on the organization a bit. Look at how you have grouped your items - do you think you should change the order you mention them? Think about it.

  2. List Poem

    Blonde Hair
    Hazel Eyes
    Writing & drawing
    Converse about every day
    Docking Station
    Black Berry
    Brick Breaker
    Crazy-Goofy-Loud Laughter
    Straight A Student

    1. MGH -

      I like the shape of your poem; it kinda helps build a rhythm when you read it out loud.

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  4. My Life

    wears black underarmor
    with a splash of color on his face
    hes got an image in his head it cureses him
    his dad he dont know
    he wishes he did , poor amazing artist
    got no memories of a beautiful picture
    he can be a geek if he wanted
    its funny how dark his hair is
    it kinda matches his eyes like Mrs. Heim
    you could tell he is a purple guy
    all hes got are broken pencils like memories

    1. RKLW -
      You have some powerful lines in your poem, and they tug at heart. I can't wait to read more of your writing. Do you think you need some punctuation in this piece?

  5. 7:31 am
    still in bed
    get up beadhead.
    Dark room muted tv headphones in ear
    so I could hear music
    fell asleep 2 minutes into song midnight.
    Pulling out headphones out of bed
    feel like dread

    1. EM - I love the lines "get up beadhead" and your final line, "feel like dread". I'm wondering if you're going to work on this piece some more.

  6. My List Poem(:

    Strawberry blond hair
    with strawberry blond bangs falling into eyes.
    Sometimes green sometimes blue eyes.
    Dark Blue Abercrombie shirt.
    A smile from ear to ear.
    Photos all around my room.
    An old style radio playing my favorite,
    Peyton Sanders.
    Pairs of torn and worn Converse all over my floor
    My iPod and phone lighting up every now and then.
    My journal waiting to be filled with secrets or new songs.
    And Me. Ready to start off the day.


  7. List Poem

    My phone
    that is alwase buzzing from a new text
    The dribbling basketball
    in my hands for me to control
    The drama that
    makes my friends slip away
    out of my hands
    My baby blue eyes
    that sparkle in the sun.
    The smiles I get when i say "Hi"
    The flute i play everyday
    as my fingers mover like lightning
    makeing a WONDERFUL sound
    for the world to hear.
    All these things that make me...ME!