Friday, February 10, 2012

Wow...we've been working on poems about our life's is where you can submit your poems.  I can't wait to see what you've been working on.  Feel free to reply and give stars and wishes to your classmates' poems.


  1. Dusty Road
    Here I go walking down the dusty road.
    With my cell phone in my pocket,
    My saxophone in it’s case.
    Here I go walking down the dusty road.
    I have my glasses on my face,
    I’m ready to walk down the dusty road.
    Leaving my family
    Thinking “should I go?”
    Leaving down the dusty road.

  2. KMM:):):)
    Block 1
    This is my poem that I am working on. Please read it and give me your feedback!
    My Life,
    My backpack, a boulder lying on my shoulder
    As I walk
    To my life ahead of me.
    Memories left behind
    Crazy how life can just pass you by

    My hart pounds, races, and runs!
    No one can stop me now,
    My pride has taken over!
    I am ready to fly…
    It’s my time to shine

  3. Where Did the Time Go?
    Where did the time go?
    When I was playing outside, In hot summer days with my friends beside me?
    When I would dribble my basketball on the ground showing people
    Where did the time go?
    Now... Im alone on the path that will lead me to the begining of FOREVER!

    With me I have things i need
    Glasses, Love, Dreams
    I mean what more do I need?
    I have my GLASSES on my face so I can see the
    Bright path in front of me...

    I have LOVE so I can help people and help them with
    And to find a GREAT man that I will share my life with FOREVER!

    And my dreams?
    Well, they’re in my heart so I can
    Where did the time go?

  4. wow seeing everyone else's poems makes me feel like mine is nothing! But here it is anyway!

    My Soul, My Thoughts, My Name

    I walk this lonley road alone
    With my soul, my thoughts, my name
    My soul reminds me I’m human
    That I’m alive

    I walk this lonley road alone
    With my soul, my thoughts, my name
    My thoughts buzz with
    Anger, confusion, sadness
    At times they protect,
    At others they destroy me

    I walk this lonley road alone
    With my soul, my thoughts, my name
    My name reminds me I’m a person
    It reminds me who I am
    On this scary, lonley road

    I walk this lonley road alone
    With my soul, my thoughts, my name.
    by SJA B2

  5. EMV B1
    three important things

    If I had to go away on an adventure far away I wound bring three special things
    a bottle of water would be the first to always help me quinch my thirst
    my second choice
    the gift of song
    inside of me
    I would sing my song
    so loud and clear
    so everybody could here
    spreading happiness, love, and cheer!
    The third thing
    I would bring with me
    my beloved books
    with titles A through Z.
    My song my books and my water
    to help me live through
    this big big world

  6. My road
    My road
    To memories
    Starts with my shoes carrying me
    To the place were I long for my memories
    But faith will be guiding me
    Through the night and through the day
    I’ll still be thinking be thinking of
    The memories that I have saved
    But I will still be longing
    And wandering for
    For my memory lane….

  7. My Quest
    By: IW
    On my quest I bring my horse
    Snowfire protects me
    He gives me speed when I need
    And gets me where I am to be

    With me I bring a book
    To guide me through this quest
    To understand life as we know it
    I hope to learn a bunch of this
    It gets me through me frustration
    It helps me get rid of sadness

    Next I bring hope
    To guide me home when it is time to go
    To encourage me to never give up
    To lead me into a man’s arms
    I hope to see my family again
    At my journey’s end

  8. These are some
    Of the thing that
    Are coming with me on my
    On life journey.

    Shoes I can
    Run in so I am as
    Fast as a if
    I am getting chased by
    Other animals I can out run

    Strength I can
    Pick up stuff so
    I can continue to
    Move there for strength
    Is as powerful as a car.

    Football is as fast
    as a cat. Football will
    Keep me active
    On my life journey.

    These are what
    I am taking on my
    Life journey.

  9. WHEN I LEAVE . . .
    taking one step out my door,
    this is my chance to start fresh.
    only 3 things with me and the rest is behind me.
    todayis a new day
    tomorrow ive got to go my own way.
    theres reasons why i bring what i bring,
    theres reasons for everything.
    i bring courage for braveness when i meet my fears.
    i bring strength because my fears can be dangerous.
    and i bring memories to help get through the tough times ill meet.
    this is the start of my life journey.