Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Can you read this? If so, please respond! (you will need a code scanner)


  1. My book is The ghost Of Crutchfield Hall. The Author is Mary Hahn. In the book an orphan named Florence goes to move in with her cousin, which I forgot his name. Florence also figures out A LOT about Sophia. Aunt's favorite little girl. Sophia has returned to get revenge on her little brother and is using Florence to do it. Florence doesn't trust Sophia, but Sophia is too powerful for Florence to handle. Florence tries to protect her cousin. But yet she fails. Or she thinks she does. In the end she gets rid of Sophia once and for all. I would recommend this book to anyone! It isn't that challenging at all. It's just really fun to read. I love how the author keeps on topic and uses very good words. I would Highly recommend this book :)


  2. ANWB2
    The book that I was reading (I lost it, silly me) was the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riodan .This book is about how Percy Jackson and his “friend” Anabeth and Tyson snuck out on a quest to the sea of monsters (the Bermuda triangle) to mortals the sea of monsters is nothing really, but to demigods it is a ocean full of monsters and sea creatures. I felt bad for Tyson in the book because on the ship he wanted to hold the tanks in the boiler room together, he was a cyclone so fire could not hurt him, but the ship sadly blew up and now they can’t find Tyson any where! I would recommend this book to anyone for two reasons tell me the ending!!!!2. It seems like a really good book. It is not very challenging at all and the author uses great word choice .