Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cyber Reading Log - Block One

We seem to be reading quite a few good books lately, so I thought it would be fun to share our reading and thinking through our blog.  Here's what to do...

1. Do some reading - savor your book and do some deep thinking
2. On the blog, tell the title and author of your book
3. Write a brief summary of your reading
4. Add your thinking, questions, wonderings, noticings, inferences, visions, connections, etc.

Feel free to comment on each other's entries...ask questions, give comments, agree or disagree.

Be sure to use your initials, student number, and block number.  I look forward to reading your entries!


  1. KNB
    BLOCK 1
    My book is called Edward's Eye's by Patricia Maclchlan.In my book I am reading about this boy named Edward he is diffrent than us he loves baceball but he can not be on a team with both colors cause his father wont let him cause he doesnt like white people very much i gess cause they were meam to Edwards dad.Well any way this is what is going on in my book. It was a hot summer afternoon when Ewards friends where playing baceball out side and Eward was siting on the porch cause his father wont let him be on a team with black and white boys I dont know why it hasent told me yet.But any way ward has a power that when some one hits or throws the baceball he knows where it will land or who will chach it.I think thats pretty KWL!!(COOL!)but thats all i have read so far and i will have to get father in the book and I will blog about it later.

  2. Blb block1
    #2. My book is called Final Cut by Tony Bradman it is about a boy named Billy who gets bullied by Micky Travis.So he tries to impress Micky Travis by being in a movie. But Billy does not know it is a slasher movie and Billy is a victim. When Billy reaches to where he stops running he feels a cut on his shoulder and he is bleeding bad. Then the rest of the crew turns in to monsters. I think that they might kill Billy

  3. Anonymous
    Block 1
    My book is called The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall By Mary Downing Hahn. In my book, I am reading about this girl named Florence. She is an orphan who has to go live with her anut and uncle, and finds out about some things that she shouldnt have! Someone is haunting her! She meets some new people that she never knew! Her anut dosent really like Florence that much. I wonder why her anut is so mean to Florence. When Florence found out about something that her aunt was thinking about, sending her away to boarding school. When Florence tries to tell her aunt or uncle about the haunting they dont believe a word she says. I wonder why her aunt or uncle wont believe a word that she is saying. Well this how much I have read, I will blog if I find out some more SECRETS!!

  4. Im reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever.By Jeff Kinney

    While I was reading I found something very disgustind.Greg wasent very conserned that santa looks at everybody to see if there good your bad.But santa caught by santa that he was picking his nose.

    zw b1

  5. the book i am reading is 12 fianlly by wendy mass
    what i read about was how the girl fall into a suage pipe on her class feild trip and how she cold not ge any ones ateion.i felt bad for her because she couldnt get any bodys ateion. i also read abot it was he 12th birhday soon and she was so exited and how she would wish on every thing from wishing on shooting stars to wishing on stray eye lases. and that is what i learnd about when i read.

  6. pcf
    the book I am reading is Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein
    This book is about a dog named Enzo and all of his wonderings.Enzo is trying to figure out what the out side world is like. Enzo is not alone he lives with hie bff Denny, his owner. Denny and Enzo do everything together, but most importantly they watch Dennys race track videos. All Enzo wants is to help Denny be a worldwide race car driver and to figure out all his wonderings.

  7. The book i'm reading is called a dogs life by Ann M. Martin. This book is about a dog named squirrel and all she wants is to find her brother bone.She's all alone and no matter what weather and what danger she'll be in she wont stop looking for bone... this poor dog only wants someone by her side to know shes not alone.

  8. CM Block 1

    I am reading Beast Quest By: Adam Blade.

    All of the Beast Quest has been waiting for the final battle. Tom really wants to beatthe lastof Malvel's Beasts whitch are the Winged Flame, a Phoenix. His friends have been helping him all the way to this point. But on this battle he has to do it on his own. He also has to worry about his struggles to free the beast from Epos and the Dark Wizard Marvel.

  9. I am reading The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer.

    All that David ever dreamed of was to be loved by somebody anybody but that never happened or did it.This week while I was reading this amazing book I found out that David finally found a foster home that was fit for him the Turnbough's home even though that he has been to stay at their house several times I think that he will finally be at their longer this time because their is no other foster home to go to.


  10. TM Block 1

    I am reading White Fang by: Jack London

    White Fang is about a baby wolf who grows up as a brave older wolf.White fang lived in a cave almost his whole childhood.until one day he falls out of the cave he had no idea what anything was or did.