Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cyber Reading Log - Block 3

We seem to be reading quite a few good books lately, so I thought it would be fun to share our reading and thinking through our blog.  Here's what to do...

1. Do some reading - savor your book and do some deep thinking
2. On the blog, tell the title and author of your book
3. Write a brief summary of your reading
4. Add your thinking, questions, wonderings, noticings, inferences, visions, connections, etc.

Feel free to comment on each other's entries...ask questions, give comments, agree or disagree.

Be sure to use your initials, student number, and block number.  I look forward to reading your entries!


  1. Title:Harry Potter
    Author:J.K Rowling
    So far my book is about Harry back at his aunt and uncles house for the summer. He is miserable,lonely,bored.Until he meets Dobby, a small,magical elf that is sent to tell harry about his future and warn him ahead of time before it happens.
    My question is how does Dobby know about the future and why Harry should believe him.I infer that Harry will ignore what Dobby says because Dobby can get into trouble.

  2. Amh
    The lion,The witch and the wardrobe
    By:C.S. Lewis
    So far in my book lucy is discovering a house and she finds a wardrobe and decides to go in it.Now I'm thinking that Lucy is dumb in the head and can't try to hide from the queen and she is really mean to everyone i don't know what's going to happen but it's a good mystery

  3. Title: The Grim Grotto
    Author: Lemony Snicket
    What confused me about what I read was that the hook handed man treated the Baudelaires so unfairly, but now, he is almost giving in and feeling bad for them. I'm thinking that maybe he shouldn't be in Count Olaf's group... Count Olaf is really evil, and the hook handed man deserves a better life! I honestly think he should move on, and go live with his sister, Fiona, again, where he can protect her and help her through tough times.

  4. Title: The Hunger Games
    Author: Suzanne Collins
    So far in The Hunger Games Katniss, the main character and a girl who's had to fend for her family since she was twelve, has volunteered to be a tribute from district twelve. In The Hunger Games two tributes, boy and girl, from each of the twelve districts to have a battle to the death. Katniss and Peeta (the boy tribute) are currently in training to compete and each of them are given a high rating on survival in the Games. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  5. Title: Sabotaged
    Author: Magaret Peterson Haddix
    What confused me about what I read was Jonah, Katherine, Andrea, and Dare the dog are tring to figure out what went wrong in Andreas past. The only thing is during time travel Andrea dropped the Elucidator which is really important in time travel. So now no one knows if they are in the right time or at the right place. They also don't have the Elucidator for JB to help them. Will they ever save time? Will they ever get out of the past? What are they going to do?

    Author: Rick Riordan
    What still confuses me about the book is that demigods can suffer severe body wounds and still live. I think they are immortal, but later on I find out that certain things can kill them. Last night I was reading and one of the demigods was killed by a harpoon. Her father, Aries [the god of war] brought her back to life. She did not realize a giant harpoon was still sticking out of her chest. When she came back from the dead she did not feel a thing.
    TS Block 3

  7. JMK B-3 Jan 19 2012
    Author: Suzanne Collins
    In my reading this girl Katniss took the place of her little sister Prim to be the tribute for their district.A boy tribute named Peeta was chosen for their district too.
    Every time Peeta and Katniss meet up Peeta is always nice to Katniss. I wounder why Peeta is being so nice?Is he being nice so Katniss will think she want have to worry about him then Peeta will come up behind and destroy her in the Hunger Games. Who knows, I guess I'll just have to read on to figure out!

  8. RKLW B-3 Jan 21 2012
    Author:RICK RIODAN
    In my selection of reading a boy named Jason does not know who he is or were he is and so far he finds out he is a best friend to a boy named leo and a boyfriend to a girl named piper and they figure out jason has amneisisa and they are telling jason his past and how he is at a wilderness school and on a trip to a museum with a jerky guidence constructor who is always on his case and when they arrive a huge storm blows overhead and then he admitts to coach hedge the constructor hat he has amnisia about his past and finds out hes a half-blood who has the power to make evryone think they know him but they dont so then hedge tells him the school would recieve a mystery gift and he thinks that jason is the gift are they right what will happen next i'll have to continue my selection

  9. The medusa plot. Jan 21 2012, what amazes me about my reading is how commited Amy and Dan are to doing what vesper one tells them to do because he is their enemy.Its like what they learned during the clue hunt helps them succed in doing these complicated tasks and if Vesper one is capaple of doing many things then why doesn't he come out of hiding and like the man he claims that he is?

  10. GBS B-3 Title:The Hunger Games.
    Author:Suzanne Collins.
    What surprised me about what I read was that Gale said that he liked Katniss on live T.V. That's insane!I also wonder how does it matter if you get sponsored in the games? I wouldn't find a difference. I lastly wonder does the television company block out things in the games? I wouldn't think they would show people dieing on T.V.

  11. Title:this book is not good for you
    What fascinated me about what I read was that Cass and Max-Ernest have defeated the Midnight Sun four times in one book. I'm thinking that the Midnight Sun is planning some big invasion on the two children in the fourth book.

    1. What is the midnight sun? I want to know more about the book I might want to read it after you.

  12. NCS jan 22,2012 8:47PM

    Title: Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
    Author:Suzanne Collins pg:1-20
    What surprised me about what I read was that the roaches came to the surface ( above the under world )and kidnapped Boots, Gregor's little sister. I'm thinking if he'd watched his sister more carefully he would of seen the roaches coming and stopped them from taking

  13. Cinderella Cleaners by Maya Gold

    What tickled me about what I read is when Diana said "sometimes I wish life was a musical and life would be so much easier." I think that if life was a musical, it would be so much easier!

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  15. The Boy Project by Kami Kanard

    This book is about a girl named Kara McAllister. She has never had a boyfriend, so she starts this project so that she can at least say she's had a boyfriend in life. This is what my book is about.

  16. What I read this week was the Guinness Book f World Records. I read about some guy who had 6 toes on one foot. I thought that was crazy because most people only have 5 toes