Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What (and how) we feel about testing...

Here are some things you were thinking about testing this week. Let's help each other think about how to help one another to do our best and "show what we know!"  Remember, you will be taking a READING test, not a "what you already know or think" test! :)  You did very well this past week, and I am very proud of you!


  1. SMO

    I dont like testing because it makes you tired and not very fun. But i know that it is worth something and you need to care a little. It is pretty important!!!!!!

  2. I guess testing is good because it lets the teacher know what you can do.
    what I dont know is why everyone is afraid of testing. As long as you do your best and take your time(unless it`s a timed test)you`ll be fine.

  3. I do not like testing because you have to study the night before and that takes up most of my time.Also you always have to get a good grade.BLB #2

  4. AMH
    Block 1
    I guess testing is okay because it tells our teacher what we need to work on and what we are good at but it is really long so I dont really like to do them but it is good because they tell us our over all score in school for that year so its okay but there is some things I dont like.I dont like how long it is and how we have to always pay attentoin and keep it neat.So i think i can ive with it until we go to college.

  5. TNE B2

    Tests make me angery and some times, most of the time, confused. They are exuasting and I only like them when I get a good grade. other poeple might like them alot or want to shove them in a trash can. With me its in the middle.