Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cyber Reading Log - Block 2

We seem to be reading quite a few good books lately, so I thought it would be fun to share our reading and thinking through our blog.  Here's what to do...

1. Do some reading - savor your book and do some deep thinking
2. On the blog, tell the title and author of your book
3. Write a brief summary of your reading
4. Add your thinking, questions, wonderings, noticings, inferences, visions, connections, etc.

Feel free to comment on each other's entries...ask questions, give comments, agree or disagree.

Be sure to use your initials, student number, and block number.  I look forward to reading your entries!


  1. I am reading a book called Stealing Home. by:Barry Denenberg it is about how jackie Robinson grew up as a kid and how he went through the great deppression. And how he got better at baseball. Im thinking that he was not accepted when he was younger for his skin color i think that is wrong. SE Block 2

  2. JCD
    The book I'm reading is called DogSong by Gary Paulsen. This book is about a boy named Russel Susskit who is looking for the answer to what is bothering him. His dad knows what is bothering him but doesn't know why. Russel has to go out and find the answer. I'm not far enough into the book to know what's bothering him. I'm thinking that it has to do with his fathers coughing, the smell of diesel oil, and the noise if snow machines because he hates all of that.

  3. I am reading a book called Behind Rebel Lines by Seymour Reit. This book is about a girl who dresses up like a boy just to get into the Civil War as a doctor.I would honestly never do this because i would be scared that i would get in trouble and maybe go to jail.

  4. NRS B-2

    I am currently reading a book called The Compound written by S.A Bodeen and it is about a rich family fleeing to an underground safe house after a nuclear war.To me it sounds a little scary but so far it is a good book.

  5. Mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty by William Bligh

    So far in the book I have learned of the many places and areas on the Bounty. I've also known about the captain and the crew, and where their distination is.

  6. I am reading Middle School The Worst by James Patterson

    What confused me in why does Ralf want to not hurt people. His plan is to break the rules and not get hurt, which is hard with Miller the Killer always bullying him.

  7. In my book, a 14 year old boy named Will Burrows and his father, Dr. Burrows just recently found and abandoned tunnel and buried underground. Will seems really excited and wants to explore further, but his father is in no rush and states that they will go tomorrow. I think there is something suspicious about this Dr. Burrows.

  8. The book I read was the Miami Heat Story. The mind idea was to inform the audience about the coaches, players, and the team in general.

  9. The Blizzard, by Betty Wright

    It is about a family thta did not agree on their cousin's coming, but the cousins were coming until a blizzard hit. Their cousins call and said they could not come.

  10. The Uglies by Scott Westerfeild

    Ehat I liked about this book was how its in the future and everybody is ugly and when you turn sixteen you get plastic surgery to become pretty. They also have prettyville and uglyville to separate the prettys and uglys.

  11. DJ D

    What I read is Cowboy Camp. I like cause it's interesting and it had a lot of 3 magic rules and the voice was written for kids.

  12. I read Stickman Odyssey. I got very confused at two points. The first one is that the princess' dad said that if Zozimos brought a blood lily back to him he could be free because he was a prisoner. He ended up with the flower, but the king tried putting him back in jail but zozinos escaped. The second thing is that blood lilies are poisonous and zozimos picked one and he didn't die, so I'm confused why he didn't die.

  13. I'm reading about a girl named Katness Everdeen from the book MockingJay by Suzanne Collins. Katness has survived the Hunger Games. She has become the MockingJay and is the enemy of the president named Snow. I'm only three and a half chapters in this book and it is exciting. I would reommend this book to people of all ages because you would like this book for its excitement, anger, and happiness.

  14. Long Arm Quarterback
    By Matt Christopher

    In my book a kid named Cup is fighting for a spot as a QB with another kid. In the latest part of the book, Cup is in a scrimmage and they are switching him and the other kid. They both got good plays, but Cup did better in my opinion.